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My Story

The Love of Photography

Ric Rosow is a Minneapolis based photographer who enjoys photographing landscapes, cityscapes, night-time skies, concerts and people. His catalogue of photographs includes images from the U.S., Mexico, Central and South America, South Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the Antarctica Peninsula. He has an eye for what often goes unnoticed. Some of his more memorable photographic experiences include:

Photographing the aurora borealis while being battered by winds from a Force Nine Gale while aboard the ship “Hurtigruten” in a Norwegian fjord. 

Capturing the beauty of the Milky Way in Sedona, one of the best places in the U.S. for star gazing.

Herding Yaks with villagers on the side of a mountain in Tibet and photographing nomads in their tent. Along with his wife, he shared a tent with three adult nomads, two children, one cuddly dog and 24 baby yaks that were tethered to a rope inside the tent to keep their mothers, who were outside, from wandering away during the night.

Riding in a zodiac in Antarctica and photographing sea lions feasting on baby penguins taking their first plunge into the cold Antarctic water.   

Answering questions as to whether he was a photographer with Rolling Stone Magazine when he photographed rock star Bobby Vee receiving the North Dakota Rough Rider Award from the Governor. 

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